What I Love About, “I’m Not For Everyone!”

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Now, this is a movement I am wholly behind! Factually, I’m NOT for everyone, I’m just not. I say things that some people may find brash, weird, or inappropriate. I don’t try to behave in this way, I was born like this. Honestly, I would never try to hurt anyone’s feelings. I care deeply about people’s feelings, but I do have to confess, I have unintentionally put people off. When I discover I’ve crossed someone, I always try to make it right because now I realize that a lot of people aren’t like me. I prefer friends/coworkers to give it to me straight when critiquing my work or comments. I’d much rather hear direct constructive criticism from a friend than they tell me that it is just fine.

While growing up and maturing I was a people pleaser. I could barely take it if someone didn’t like me. I’d take it personally and wonder what was wrong with me. The societal attitude was far less accepting of folks who have different styles of communicating. Now at the ripe age of 54, I know that my personality isn’t one size fits all and that is A-ok for me if I’m not everyone’s brand. Truly, this way of thinking is very liberating for me. It’s a social media movement that I think has a positive effect. 

Listen, here’s my suggestion:  Care less about what people think of you and take a risk. While maintaining a healthy respect for people, go against common beliefs that are against your grain. Do try not to offend people, but be yourself and express yourself in a way that feels natural to you. If people choose not to be around you, then know that you can’t please everybody all the time. There are so many out there that love you and that lets you know you’re doing something right. After all, it’s not a popularity contest, in fact, it’s not a contest at all. I choose to regard it as a party that’s really hopping some times and really sucky at other times. When it’s sucky, just eat the dip, have a bevvie, and go home early. Maybe tomorrow there will be an epic band at the party that makes you get on the dance floor and shake it, not like nobody’s watching, but like everyone is watching,  filming you, and posting it on social media, and then c’est la vie, you’re not for everyone!

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